Monday, September 26, 2016

Three card daily draw with the Raven’s Prophecy tarot

For today I’ve done a three card spread for my daily draw with The Raven’s Prophecy tarot. Although I have this deck for almost a year now, this is the first time I am working with more intensely and I enjoy this deck so much. The simple yet very skillful drawings are highly evocative. They are conveying their message very clearly and with little room for doubt.
For my spread the positions are as follows:
Raven's Prophecy Tarot Ace of Wands Knight of Wands Two of Wands
Well this seems like it is going to be a wandsy kind of day. What stands out for me in this reading is the fiery sword of the Knight of Wands between the Ace of Wands and the Two of Wands as if the Knight is somehow trying to prevent the sequence of the suit to continue….
1 The general energy of the day – Ace of Wands
This ace is all about creativity and enthusiasm. Yes after a good night’s sleep I feel like the Page of Wands from Yesterday is ready to roll. This card is about beginning and not worrying if you will complete your project in a perfect manner. Just start and enjoy the process
2 The challenge of the day – Knight of Wands
It feels like he is not letting me do my thing: play, make  mess and go for it. The knight of Wands in a challenging position can be about doing all your chores before you are permitted to do anything fun. He is also about doubting your ability to create and he is scared to fail. He will act busy so no one will notice he is actually procrastinating out of fear
3 The gift of today – Two of Wands
Being aware of the power of the Knight I will be able to bring my idea into the next phase. Building up my painting layer by layer after creating the initial playful background. This card is urging me to apply structure and direction to my work. Head and heart are coming together in The Two of Wands and are joining their forces

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Page of Wands – be mindful of the little sparks

This morning we have been on family chestnut hunt in a beautiful nearby park.  The perfect place to welcome Fall into our land. Lots of huge old trees, a pond, and loads of chestnuts. Each autumn they give me that giddy childlike feeling of wanting them all!!.
raven's prophecy tarot

When we returned home I was very tired, not only from this morning but last week was a busy week as well. So I wasn’t surprised when I drew this particularly Page of Wands from the Ravens prophecy tarot. This Page is depicted as a lit match in the dark and immediately I heard the song: "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine" . This spark of fire, with so little fuel to keep on burning has to be protected and shielded from draft and wind at all cause. It might go out any moment.  But when I am able to protect this little match, it might also be the start of a crackling hearth fire.
For now any idea or new project which comes to mind I will jot down in my journal for another day. I will not lose it to fatigue or lack of enthusiasm. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

My cards for the Autumn Equinox

For this year’s Autumn spread I’ve used the Ravens Prophecy Tarot. This deck is quite the opposite of the Tarot of the Hidden Realm because while that deck is mostly about people and faces, this deck is all about symbolism. I was surprised by the amount of Court cards I got in this reading but fortunately it was easy to relate  to them.
By the way, getting reacquainted with my  Autumnal decks after so long, makes me very happy! It feels like coming home: warm, cozy,  familiar but also completely new. 
raven's prophecy tarot
What have I sown? The World:
The potential to become and achieve whatever I want and cope with whatever comes my way
What have I reaped? The Queen of Wands:
I feel so much more confident to express myself in words and images and I’ve learned that art is not only something I like to do but maybe even more a way of taking care of myself. It feeds and fulfills my soul. I always feel so much better after I’ve created something.
What should I be thankful for? The Queen of Coins
I am grateful for taking better care of my body and I am also grateful to be able to be a caring mother not only for my family but most of the time for myself as well. 
Where do I still need to focus my efforts? The King of Cups
I would like to try to really listen what others have to say; at least give them a chance to let them finish their sentence. Also I think it is important to  become more aware of my own emotional currents.  
How can I achieve balance? The page of Swords
I need to find clarity in all aspects of my life especially about my emotional well being and for me the best way to do this is journal, journal, journal!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What does royalty have to say about workouts?

Now Autumn has finally begun this year, it is time to hit the gym again. To be honest, during this heat wave I wasn’t really up to it. When I haven’t exercised in a while,it is always a bit hard for me to pick it up again and to keep at it. Excuses seem to pop up from everywhere: too hot, too tired, too busy, or I just don’t feel like it, but eventually I went. While I was walking on the tread mill, I was thinking about what the Tarot might have to say about exercising. Immediately I saw four young Pages running around the gym, trying out the equipment. They didn't pay me any attention, let alone have the time to talk to me. So I directed my thoughts to the Queens and asked them why I should work out regularly, even if I don’t really feel like it:
Legacy of the Divine Tarot Queen of Wands, Queen Of Cups, Queen of Swords, Queen of Pentacles
Queen of Wands: "Girl, it is the perfect way to keep your energy levels up and set you ablaze. Feel how your heart is pumping the red blood through your veins! You will be fired up to seize the day!"
Queen of Cups: "Ah my dear, working out will most definitely reduce your stress levels and make you feel so much more calm and relaxed. Breath in and out and produce those endorphins!"
Queen of Swords: "My dear lady, nothing is more effective to clear your mind from worrying and depressing thoughts than to work up a sweat. The most ingenious ideas will come to you when you are physically active."
Queen of Pentacles: "Oh sweetie, what can I add  to  this sincere advice. Exercising is a gift to your body, which is just as precious as your spirit, your soul and your mind. Treat it well and it will serve you accordingly and don’t forget to eat healthy too."

Well that settles it: Working out will be an priority on my weekly to-do list!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Three of Wands - Bloom where you're rooted

Today’s card is the Three of Wands from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm.  
Tarot of the Hidden Realm Three of Wands  Tarot of the Hidden Realm  Page of Wands
A lovely couple with their new born child is depicted in this card. They’ve made a commitment to each other and they chose to stick with it for better and for worse. Their love for eachother and their hope for the future have brought a new life into this world. Their lives will never be the same but they are okay with that because this little baby will give them Love and Joy and so much more than they ever dreamed of.
I tend to read cards mostly as a mirror of my soul, so for today I see all three of them as aspects of myself. At the beginning of my adult life, like many of us,  I started to make life changing choices and with each choice I made, other options were ruled out. Little by little my path seems to have less forks in the road and mostly I am okay with that. I mean, I don’t mind that I can’t climb the Mount Everest nor do I miss milking my cows at four o’clock in the morning. I think you get the idea. The older we get the more settled we are becoming and the more rooted we get in our way of life.
Then there is this child, which represents the fruits of our labor, our goals and our passions. How do  I love this child: my children, my paintings, the home I’ve build for my family and my love for them and last but not least the becoming of me.
When I asked the cards to tell me a bit more about this child, I had to laugh because I pulled the Page of Wands. This little child is growing up so fast and he is getting stronger too. He is becoming more and more self aware and comfortable with who he is. He is curious, active and optimistic and loves to learn new things. A lovely guide  for when I want to play some more in my art journal to try out some new techniques  or maybe for when I want to do something completely different than what I'm used to....

Friday, September 16, 2016

Ace of Pentacles, Eight of Swords - Two creatures are walking in the forest

Tarot of the Hidden Realm  Ace of Pentacles  Tarot of the Hidden Realm  Eight of Wands
Two creatures are walking quietly in a dark forest. Each following their own path:
A warrior woman with her crow is carefully putting one foot before the other, expecting to be ambushed any moment from now. Behind every tree there  could be lurking a potential and ruthless enemy. There is only one way forward and there is no room for mistakes, because she knows that the tiniest mistake could be paid for with her life.
A hedgehog is scurrying between the rustling leaves, acorns and other autumnal seeds and fruits. The hedgehog is grateful for these small gifts from Mother Nature and while enjoying his meal he is always keeping an eye out for signals of danger. But he is not afraid. He knows he is more than capable to protect himself and so he strolls further over the crunching leaves without worrying about the sniffing and chewing and all the little noises he makes.

Two creatures are walking in the forest; Who are you or maybe  you are a bit of both?

(Ace of Pentacles and Eight of Swords from the Tarot of The Hidden Realm)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Eight of Wands and Fortune Faery - The Difference between Wanting and Wishing

My cards for today are Eight of Wands and Fortune Faery from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. 
Tarot of the Hidden Realm Eight of Wands  Tarot of the Hidden Realm  Fortune Faery

In the Eight of Wands we see a highly skilled and focused young woman who is about to release her arrow towards her goal. She also has a lot of arrows in the quiver on her back; so many more goals to aim for. This card often urges me to list what I want to do in the time coming and today it got me thinking about what I want to do when Autumn will finally arrive here:
Learn how to knit toe-up socks, practice how to sketch quickly without an eraser, bake an Apple pie with the apples from our tree, go back to the gym, get acquainted with some of my decks on a deeper level and journal  more with them, clean my house, wearing long trousers, work with oil pastels…..
After I had written down a lot of wants and needs, I drew a card to find out if I hadn’t forgot something essential and I got the Fortune Faery. A little girl is about to blow on a dandelion puff and let her wish roam free on its little seeds.
She asked me: “You have so many wants, but what do you wish for?” And I was silent.
There is a great difference between wanting and wishing. Wanting is about things which are grounded in reality and which we are able to obtain if we direct our energy towards it. But wishing is more ethereal and fleeting. What we wish for is often not likely to happen but we can always hope and have faith it might happen one day.
Maybe I am afraid to wish because I don’t want feel disappointed. Or I am to pragmatic to believe in wishes coming true. Or maybe I am utterly content with where I am right now. This post will not provide me with an answer but it does stir up some serious food for thought.

"If you want to something, don't just wish for it. Life is too short to wait.” Stephen Hines