Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Seven of Spirals and Seven of Scrolls – The power of imagination

Chrysalis Tarot Seven of SpiralsYesterday I drew the Seven of Spirals (Assertion) from the Chrysalis Tarot and which conveyed a strong inner “Yes” in me!  Since my “nurture” plans for Monday (due to all sorts of reasons) didn’t see the light of day, I figured I was entitled to a second chance to pamper myself.
But this card is not only about retreat and setting boundaries but also about going deep within (spirals) and finding your inner strength.  A strength which is so powerful that you will have to find the right balance to assert yourself. It pleases me the bear is sitting quietly in her cave and her gaze is more than enough to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Without growling or showing her claws she protects her sacred space. She knows her strength so she has no need to show it all the time. Only if needed she will react more fiercely. 
Chrysalis Tarot Seven of Scrolls
So this morning I asked what to do next and I got the Seven of Scrolls (indecision). This card feels very akin to the Two of Swords but it also highlights the need for creative imagination. As humans we are able to decide on so many levels: instinctive first reaction, logical reasoning, intuition, emotional response etc.
It is up to us which of these options we would use to make our decision but now and then it might be helpful not to pick our go-to problem-solving strategy. As a Queen of Swords person, this card tells me to let go of my reasoning abilities for a change and try to tap into my more creative imaginative side. That will help me to ponder what could be behind those two doors? Which one should I open? Where will it lead me? What does it bring me? So many questions, I think I might stay in my cave for another day also because it will be a very hot and humid day. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Six of Swords- breathing out

My card for today is the Six of Swords from the Original Rider Waite Tarot. After having taken a break from Tarot for a few days, because I have been visiting my mother, it feels only natural to jump back in again with my all time favourite deck. It feels like a baby blanket after some very busy days. I wasn’t surprised by this card at all. I see myself coming home, travelling from turbulent waters to a complete rippleless part of the lake. A perfect place to still my mind and put myself at ease. In the little child, I see my little me who needs some extra time and care right now. I am so grateful to be able to accept that expecting things only will lead to disappointment, so I’d better step up myself and mother her for while; listen to her, seeing her for who she really is and what she needs right now from me. I am positive that when we return from this safe haven we both will sit up straight again with a big smile on our face.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Three of Coins and Two of Cups – Carefully moving closer …

I have been working with the Margarete Petersen Tarot for twelve days in a row now and I can’t seem to put it away and pick up another deck for my daily draws. I am utterly captivated by the beautiful artwork and clear and inspiring messages this deck has to offer.
Three of Coins Two of Cups Margarete Petersen Tarot
So for today, I drew the Three of Coins. Where the Two of Coins showed us two balancing feet, in this card we only see one. That means one foot has been lifted and is about to be put forward into a new direction; leaving old familiar patterns behind. The card also features the Om sign, which for me resembles a short prayer, said just before this foot will touch the earth. A prayer of trust that this will be the right path to follow.
And where, I wondered, might this path lead me? And I got the Two of Cups: Opening myself up to others and myself on an emotional level. A sense of belonging is essential to all living beings. It feels when I really open up to myself and to God it is so much more easy to open up to others as well. This card is all about giving and receiving and about loving kindness without expectations. Quite a challenge for me but not one I want to shy away from.

I love that this card strongly relates to The Lovers, which is my card for this lunation.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Four of Feathers and Ten of Cups - Finding Peace of mind

Four of Feather Ten of Cups  Margarete Petersen Tarot
Today’s card is the Four of Feathers (Four of Swords) from the Margarete Petersen Tarot. I love to receive this card from any deck. This card reminds me to quiet down and find some peace of mind. Although I do love almost every other version of The Four of Swords, I must say that this card is rendering its meaning so beautifully. We see a person resting in the darkest shade of blue. He is lying in a protective bubble with a large feather on top.  In the distance, we see hills and mountains. But for now, he doesn’t need to worry about them. For now there are no problems, no questions, no to-do’s no nothing. He only needs to breath and to be. The whole vibe of the card is so soothing. You can almost feel the caress of the soft feather on your skin.
Then I wondered what could help me to find this peace of mind and I got the Ten of Cups: a calm ocean glittering in the sunlight. Breath in and out like the rolling of the waves and realize just how blessed and loved you are.

I hope you all can find some inner stillness today. Even if it is only for just a moment …..

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ace of Coins and Two of Flames - Some gardening tips

Ace of Coins Two of Flames Margarete Petersen
Today’s card is the Ace of Coins from the Margarete Petersen Tarot. In the center of the card, a snake is spiraling herself around a tiny seed. She feels protective because she knows how much potential this seed holds. It feels like she is waiting for the right moment to hand to over to me but first, she wants me to find out what it is  I need it for. Honestly, I don’t  know yet but I do know it holds the promise of abundance and growth of everything tangible in this world. Maybe I could plant it before I knew what it is I really want/need. This could be considered as a sign of trust. I wondered if she would give it to me under these conditions and then she pulled back…..

So I asked my deck what to do next with this little seed and I got the  Two of Flames. This card is affirming to me that we don’t need to know the outcome before we can plant our seed. We only have to give is warmth and love. We have to father and mother it. Sometimes it needs more active energy to grow and sometimes we have to let it rest. Both energies, passive and active are equally important for our seed to awaken and sprout. In the meantime, we can cherish this germinating period to ponder what wonderful gift we are about to receive. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Five of Feathers - Just throw in the towel

Five of Feathers Margarete Petersen Tarot
Today’s card is Five of Feathers from the Margarete Petersen Tarot. Since I read my cards mostly for personal development, I interpret The Five of Feathers often as an internal struggle. With the Five of fire in a few posts earlier, this struggle was heated and aggressive and emotions were all over the place. With this card however the energy is much more manipulative and calculative. Our mind wants to lure us into believing all kinds of fabrications about how we shouldn’t do what we want because we are not good enough, strong enough, bright enough etc.. For me, those stories are predominately fear based. They try to prevent me from acting and playing and experimenting. Well let me rephrase that: I  try to prevent myself from doing what I love.

So this card is all about undermining ourselves and focusing our energy on winning this endless fight. The advice this card is giving us is to quit, to throw in the towel. This is a battle that can’t be won, even if you think you are strong enough and victory is within your grasp. Believe me, it is not. As long as we keep fighting ourselves, we will feed our mind with energy to uphold an strengthen these demeaning opinions over us. No, the only thing we can do, just like in the five of Fire, is taking a step back and withdraw ourselves from the fight.  This is the only way to quiet our mind and listen to the soft voice of our inner Truth. The one that says we are wonderful, we can do anything we want….. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Year ahead spread July – Seven of Swords and Nauthiz

It has been a while since I’ve blogged about my rune and card for the month ahead but I wanted to pick it up again. Why now you might think; well perhaps because it is quite a challenging pair. The rune Nauthiz talks about need and necessity,  about being faced with obstacles and finding the courage to move forward despite the fear it might cause you. It is also a rune of shadow work, of receiving the opportunity to dive deeper into the uncharted territory of who we are.
When we combine this with the Seven of Swords from the Wild Unknown Tarot, it speaks about how this journey is a lonely one. Shadow work is an undertaking which we have to do all by ourselves and with ourselves. The fox (or “The lone wolf” as I often call this card) is protecting, hiding one of the seven swords. The other six are hanging over him. It is not that he only values this own sword but he is reluctant to share it with others. His findings are too fresh, too vulnerable. Sometimes we have to take the time to process what we have experienced, learned before we put it out in the world.

Perhaps this month I will be doing a lot of journaling,  meditating and walking to get a more clear perspective about what it is my soul wants to share with me. Perfect for the hotter days to come.