Thursday, August 25, 2016

Moving from Summer to Fall with The Sun in my heart

By know, I suppose you all know I am not fan of Summer. In the beginning of this week it looked like Summer was finally over. Temperatures had dropped quite significantly and it was pouring all day long. Love it!! Drinking coffee, knitting socks and listening to the falling rain… I don’t need much to make me happy.
But nothing is as unpredictable than the weather and since Wednesday it is sweltering hot again. And so I asked how to overcome my disappointment about this and I pulled three cards:
1 How does this weather make me feel? – Ten of Swords.
Now that is exactly how I feel: defeated, self pitying , complaining about how hot it is, not being able to do anything physically active, depressed, you name it, I feel it.  I want to stop this so badly because it is preventing me from enjoying my day. So let’s see what I can look forward to, which might cheer me up a bit
2 What will Autumn bring me? – The Ace of Cups
And that I exactly how I feel about Autumn! An abundance of feelings of happiness, gratitude and Love is flowing from this beautiful Cup. Autumn is indeed a gift from God(dess), a time to enjoy the bounty of the harvest.
3 How do I move forward until the wheel turns to my favorite season? – The Sun
O my Goodness! There he is: the Sun, blistering hot but with a smile on his face. “Come outside and play” he seems to call to me. The Sun stands for joy, happiness and a for zest for life. I could use some of that for sure. So I think I have to stand up, get rid of those swords in my back and walk towards the rising sun in the Ten of Swords. No more complaining today. I want to finish this blogpost and that will be the beginning of a joyful day because I choose it to be so. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

“The Beauty of Letting go” tarot spread

A few days ago I came across a small but powerful tarot spread on IG. It is called “The Beauty of Letting go” tarot spread (from Arcane Mysteries) and yesterday I tried it for myself, using the Original Rider Waite tarot:
1 What must I let of? Queen of Swords. 
Now that was a major disappointment to begin with. How could I release the Queen I identify the most with but then I realized she is can also be the embodiment of my less positive traits:
I see her sitting on her throne, all high and mighty. She is been through a lot and it only has made her stronger and more willed to survive. She will make sure her people won’t have to go through any of her own ordeals so she is determined to advise them and guide them even push them into the “right” direction.
Yes I can relate to that: The hovering mother, the meddling mother, the know it all mother. At least I can acknowledge these parts of me and that will be the first step of letting them go
2 What will I gain and accomplish as result of this release? Ten of Wands
No, I don’t think I will get overburdened by this. Rather I feel this card means that I can lay down all these self imposed responsibilities and lift up my head to see the beauty of the clear blue sky and enjoy life as is comes without the burden of having to control everything and everybody. So I will lay down these ten wands and stroll leisurely to that lovely little house in the distance. There I will pour myself a cup of freshly brewed coffee and dwell some more on the liberated feeling of letting go.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Page of Pentacles and Jera – the beauty of our daily life

Page of Pentacles Original Rider Waite Tarot Runes Jera
My rune for today is Jera which means year, harvest and cycle and it got me thinking about how we often complain of the tediousness of our day to day life. Each day ,each week, each month, with its same chores, the same social obligations and the same boredom. Yes, life can be like that too. The turning of the year teaches us there is a time sow and a time to reap. We are now entering the reaping phase of the year and people will be turning more inward soon. It will be Christmas before you know it. Sometimes the inevitability of these cycles can make me feel a bit tired and dulled. So what attitude can be helpful if we feel like this? I pulled the Page of Pentacles. Notice how he is situated in farmland, which is the perfect metaphor for cycles and seasons. He is holding his Pentacle in his hand and he is examining it as if he has never seen a Pentacle before. And I suppose there lies his secret. He is amazed by every aspect of this Pentacle: how it shines brightly in the sunlight, how it feels smoothly in his hands and imagine all the things you can do with this magnificent Pentacle.
Maybe if we would start out our day with the intent to find beauty in the common things. Look at the world through the eyes of a child (a Page) and let the world surprise you again and again and again. It might even be fun to journal you daily discoveries!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kenaz and the Eight of Wands - Let’s built a fire

My rune for today is Ken or Kenaz, which means Fire or Torch and thus it stands for all things related to fire , both literally and metaphorically. So not only for a sense of security and warmth and of comfort and safety, for home and hearth but also for enthusiasm and fervor, cleansing, inspiration, creativity and confidence. Since fire sheds its light in the dark it also stands for wisdom and knowledge. A whole spectrum of  meanings for such a little rune. So I asked my cards: “what do I need to keep my fire going” and I got, don’t laugh, the Eight of Wands, which I immediately interpreted as kindling wood. But not the ordinary kind, the dry sticks which we can buy in large amounts in stores like Home depot. No, these wands come flying straight to you when you need them the most to keep you inner flame alive. These eight wands carry inspiration, new idea’s and  a change of wind to feed your fire with Spirit’s breath.
Often when our fire is nothing more than a pile of embers these  wands seem to come out of the blue like a Grand surprise and once our bonfire is burning high, we can decide to jump over it, take the leap and live life to the fullest again

Friday, August 19, 2016

Soulcards and Laguz – Don't keep the lid on

laguz Soulcards 2 Six of Pentacles Deviant moon tarot, Wildwood tarot, Original Rider Waite tarot

My Rune for today is Laguz, meaning water or lake. This is the rune of feelings and emotions, of the unconscious and of the hidden and unknown. Combined with this Soulcard from Soulcards 2 it is obvious how unhealthy it is to bottle up feelings and emotions and to keep them under a heavy lid. One way or another they will always find a way to surface and always when you’ll expect it the least.  This intense screaming inside will hurt us so much more then expressing our troubling feelings when they arise. Sometimes our cover can be so strong and impenetrable, it might even be possible we cannot hear our own soul screaming. But what if we do hear it, what to do about it?
And then I pulled the Six of Pentacles from the Original Rider Waite Tarot. The first thing that came to mind was asking for help to someone we trust. Because obviously  we are left with little to give like in the Six of Pentacles of the Wildwood tarot. The card from the Deviant Moon Tarot advises me to keep some of my time and resources for myself when others come to ask for my help after I have recuperated from this emotional tidal wave . My initial response is always give, give, give and that’s okay as long as I don’t exploit myself.
Today after a very busy morning and afternoon I am claiming some space and time for myself to do the things I love most… and maybe take a peek under that lid…

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Soulcards and Runes – A perfect Match

Even though I didn’t intent to blog today, I had to write this post because my daily draw was definitely worth writing about.
Soul cards 2 , Nauthiz Rune
For today I’ve used my runes and Soulcards 2.  Since the  two Soulcard decks don’t come with any keywords or guidebook, they can sometimes be a tiny bit overwhelming if you don’t have a specific question to ask. And I don’t know about you but I don’t have that many urgent questions early in the morning. So I thought I would be a good idea to let my runes decide the subject or question for my daily Soulcard and I pulled Nauthiz – need
So my question was: What do I need today”; what is an absolute necessity to make the most out of this day?” and I pulled my Soulcard and what a gorgeous card this is. Immediately words and phrases come to mind: creative fire,  Earth Mother, Queen of Wands, instinctual, listen to your intuition,  Brigid,  don’t gestate but give birth, embrace you feminine power, her sacral chakra and third eye are on fire….
I love it how she is actually on fire but she doesn’t get burned. It is the fire of creative encouragement, of inspirational power
For me today it means, I did write this post, I drew a picture of her in my tarot journal and I am going to  finish my Art journal page from yesterday… and… I have meditated this morning since I don’t know how long ago.

Have a fiery day everybody!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

King of Pentacles – Our Pater Familias came to the party

Today’s card is the King of Pentacles from the Original Rider Waite Tarot, the Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wildwood Tarot. He is the patriarch, the provider and the defender of the family. He is strong, confident, skillful and  just. The perfect leader of his pack or herd.
King of Pentacles Original Rider Waite Tarot Wildwood tarot Wild unknown Tarot
For me not always an easy court card to interpret but for today it reminds me of my dad. “Family comes first” was his credo. He has worked his whole life hard to provide for us and after he had retired he could find joy in the simple pleasures of life: coffee, a walk, good book etc.  Yesterday it was M. her birthday and although he isn’t with us anymore in a way he was very present. Somehow it started when in the morning I gave M a kiss to congratulate her with her birthday. Suddenly I saw such a strong resemblance of my dad in her, which I’d never seen before because she is the spitting image of my mother and me. Throughout the day, when other family members arrived,  we kept seeing other family resemblances in one another. Some of us who were always compared to my mom suddenly also looked like my dad or vice versa but one way or another my dad was always part of the conversation. The King of Pentacles from the Original Rider Waite Tarot is connected to the earth by an overgrowth of winding and binding vines. This symbolizes today for me my dad is always with us; connected to us through his Love for us and his  Dna in us. And if  miss him we only have to look in our heart for him or the mirror