Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Four of Cups - Snap out of it!

Rider Waite Tarot Four of Cups Rose Quartz Citrine
Today’s card is the Four of Cups from the Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot. This card is all about discontent, boredom and lack of interest in about everything. Look how he has closed himself off from all outside suggestions on how to feel better. If we are getting stuck in this energy it can easily lead to self-pity and even depression.

It has been quite a while since I really felt like blogging or in doing anything whatsoever and this card depicts this feeling perfectly well,. Yes, I have been very busy moving my husband to a temporary care home because the house where he was living before is getting a rebuild. This event was physical and emotional draining for me. It left me with little energy for myself and it eventually got the best of me. I know all too well this kind of thinking can easily become habitual and self-sustaining. I knew something had to change but it felt like I wasn’t able to do so. Until this morning, when M told me I had to become responsible for my own wellbeing and to be willing to do the things which would make me feel better. She can be quite persuasive when she feels it is necessary. So I got out of my chair, took a shower, went out for some groceries and started blogging. I feel like a different woman now. I have flipped a switch and I have snapped out of this funk.  Thank you, my dear girl, for a firm kick in the butt.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nightingale - Trust

Nightingale Trust Het Elfenorakel
Walking in the park. Picking Bluebells and Buttercups. Feeling Summer in my heart and on my skin. This morning I have also meditated for 15 minutes which was a great accomplishment as well. All in all, today is starting out to be a good day. Al this has inspired me to pick up an oracle I’ve never used before, although I have it my collection for ages: Too light, too simple, too fluffy. But honestly I could use a dose of light and fluff. So I shuffled my cards and I pulled Nightingale – trust: My word for the year and a confirmation that all things will be well.  After each night the sun will come out inevitably so why not sing to instead of fight with the darkness.  All these smalls tokens of hope and trust, like my walk, my mediation, creating an art journal page, enjoying coffee with a bonbon and last but not least, writing this blog post after so long; all these things  are bright shining stars guiding me on my journey and ensuring me that wherever I am, I am never lost.

Oracle used: "The Cards of the Elves" by Tiziana Mattera

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Waterfall and Calendar - Tick tock, tick tock…

Today’s cards are Waterfall and Calendar from The Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards. 
Chronicles of Destiny Fortune Cards Waterfall Calendar

In our present society we are mostly ruled by the clock and our calendar. We make appointments and try to keep them. We implement routines and schedule our obligations until little white space is left on our to-do lists and in our diaries. This habit makes it even more important to plan some time for ourselves.  And not just ten minutes or  a spare hour somewhere between the dentist and  a meeting but I was thinking more about an evening, an entire day or a weekend; enough time to be able to just flow with the hours instead of keeping track of them on your watch. Together these cards emphasize the important of replenishing your soul on a deep level; to let ourselves be revitalized and healed thoroughly. Take enough time for yourself . You are so worth it. The Calendar card reminds us there is a big difference between a morning shower and a bath by candlelight.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Expressing Gratitude with the Wild Unknown Tarot

Today’s question: “what am I most grateful for?”  got my thinking about how,  when we express our gratitude, we often talk/write about the same daily experiences like: A sunny day, a cup of coffee, cuddling with our furry friends  or looking at the flowers in our garden. Reading in my gratitude journal, I notice how I tend to repeat the same things and over again. And yes, I am truly grateful for them but this question filled me with the desire to stretch my perceptive a little and maybe look a bit more inwardly. So I asked the tarot to show me three aspects in my life for which I am grateful: three joy’s which are sometimes a bit out of reach of my day to day experience. From the Wild Unknown Tarot I  pulled:
The wild unknown tarot The Moon Four of Swords Four of Wands

The Moon: I am grateful or each time I am brave enough to face my fears and do it anyway. The last few days  I have been making abstract art journal pages  and each time it became too “pretty” I used gesso to “mess it up “ again
Four of Swords:  I am grateful for each moment of peace and quiet in a day. They give me a sense of security and also trust that I can return to this place whenever I need it.
Four of Wands: I am grateful for the pauses in life which are meant to celebrate what I have achieved. Resting in the blue center  of gratitude before  being ignited by the fiery passion of the wands again

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Four of Swords – Quiet down our Inner Critic

Original Rider Waite Tarot Four of Swords
Today’s question is: "How can I let go of self doubt?" and I pulled the Four of Swords. As you know this is one of my “sigh” cards; my permission to let go and quiet down the mind from anxiety and those nagging critical inner voices.  After having completed my oracle challenge on IG, I am experiencing waves of self doubt again. Afraid of putting something on the page which is less “pretty“ than my DIY deck.  Even in my art journal, where I try to play more freely and experiment with my art supplies, I feel the urge to create something “beautiful” and with “beautiful” I mean worthy to show other people. This feeling  has made it crystal clear to me  my that  Inner Critic is holding the reins (again)
So this morning I decided to take up my habit of writing 750 Words a day, before doing anything else. This is the digital equivalent of writing morning pages. For me it is a perfect way to clear my mind and to get those creative juices flowing again. This way I will be able to create room to relax and to do whatever fills me with joy, without any result oriented expectations. This  could be just as simple as allowing myself to take a nap, a walk or perhaps filling up a (new) page in my art  journal just for the fun of it. And no, I am not obliged to finish the last page and make it more “pretty”. Maybe it is even better to fill up some loose leave pages first. Just putting a few collage elements, some paint and some scribbles on them to overcome my fear and to loosen up a bit. The only rule is to keep it abstract!
All and all a very timely question for me today.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Full Moon in April

For this full moon I have pulled three cards from my Original Rider Waite Tarot. Even though I have so many other beautiful decks, I seem to be in totally love with this deck all over again. Of course it has been my one of my favorite tarot decks all along but nowadays I read with no other deck than this one. Maybe it is only a springtime infatuation but I will enjoy it while it lasts.
Original Rider Waite Tarot Two of Wands Queen of Wands Nine of Pentacles
I have asked my deck three questions:
What is crystal clear? Two of Wands – It is time to pick a Wand, to make a choice. Don’t feel pressured to go for the easy option. The options are many. The world is in the palm of our hands. So maybe it is also time to leave my comfort zone.
What am I grateful for? Queen of Wands – although it doesn’t  always show, I know that beneath my fear of failure and my insecurity lives a passionate and creative woman who is eager to get up from her throne and is ready for some action.
What do I need to let go of when the moon starts to wane? Nine of Pentacles – This is one of my favorite cards in the deck. And just like with The Hermit, I am too much attached to this secluded inward energy. But  there is no need to break down the wall. Perhaps I will look for the gate of her garden so I can (again) leave my comfort zone. I noticed she is looking to her bird instead of to the city in the back ground. And her bird doesn’t bring her much new from the outside world either because he is blindfolded.

Together the cards all seem to convey one clear message: leave you comfort zone and live a little! Easier said than done but the fact I read it in these cards is promising. I don’t have to jump from the castle tower. I can take also the stairs J

Monday, April 10, 2017

Ten of Swords - It can’t get any worse than this.

Today”s question from Willowseast to draw a card with is: "How can I move forward when I feel stuck?" 
I pulled the Ten of Swords from the Original Rider Waite Tarot. It can’t get anymore stuck than this. The figure in this card is pinned down by ten swords and he isn’t likely to go anywhere soon. Since Swords are all about the mind, we can be certain this guy is overwhelmed by his self defeating thoughts and a tremendous amount of anxiety. Nothing is more paralyzing than anxious thoughts racing around in our mind. But the end of his suffering is near. Because he has turned his head towards rising the morning sun in the east: The promise of new day. We don’t have to try to pull these swords out, for  that is literally impossible. By our twisting and turning they would only sink deeper and hurt us more. No the solution is so simple. Focus your mind on the rising sun and the swords will disappear. Breath in and out and then slowly get up and start walking. With every step your wounds will heal and with every breath you will ease you mind a bit more...